About Us

Soil-Tek Solutions is a full-service erosion control and landscaping company providing products and services throughout the Southeast.

We are committed to honest business practices with experienced employees who recognize the customer’s importance to the success of Soil-Tek Solutions. We focus on the customer, quality service, and efficient operations.

Soil-Tek Solutions services include:

  • Turn-key erosion control consulting
  • Silt fence installation, removal, and repairs
  • Tree protection fence installation, removal, and repairs
  • Permanent and temporary grassing
  • Hydroseeding
  • No till drill
  • Pond renovation
  • Streambank restoration
  • Bush hogging
  • SOD installation
  • Wheat straw mulching
  • Erosion control matting
  • Catch basin protection (silt savers or silt fence)
  • Curb inlet protection (rock bages or waddles)
  • Turbidity curtains
  • Construction entrance pads
  • Rip rap installation
  • Polymer installation
  • General labor
  • Bobcat operating
  • Landscaping
  • Street cleaning/washing

Soil-Tek Solutions also offers erosion control and landscaping products.